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Caption Competition

About this picture

Freelance Photographer

Wayne Reid (centre), managing director of National Road Operation and Construction Co., explains to Prime Minister P.J. Patterson (right) the status of Phase One of the Highway 2000 project. French Ambassador Pierre-Antoine Berniard is at left. The Prime Minister visited the project on Tuesday to get a look at the progress of the multi-lane highway that will run from Kingston to Montego Bay, with a connecting link from Bushy Park, St. Catherine to Ocho Rios, St. Ann.



This Week's Winners

The winners for April 14-21, 2003 are:

Full Name: Colleen
Country: usa
Caption:: Mr Patterson, I don't Know why you insist on spending all this
money making highways instead of fixing the ones we already have.

Full Name: Jay
Country: Jamaica
Caption:: PM, if wi nuh get nuh more rain an` bad man tret, we can,
MAYBE,finish it by 2012!

Full Name: D Lee
Country: US(for now)
Caption:: "PJ, yu know these things take time. Jus give me 30 more years
and it will be finished, I promise."

Full Name: Mr. D
Country: U.S
Caption:: Wayne Reid tries to demonstrate to both PJ and the French
Ambassador his new dance: 'Pon di asphalt, pon di tar' much to their

Full Name: Michael Singh
Country: Canada
Caption:: Mi promise fe get it dun before yu retire so yu can name it PJ

Full Name: Sheryl
Country: Canada
Caption:: Berniard: You can stay there and talk, I am just admiring the
lady over there in the short skirt

Full Name: David Parker
Country: Jamaica
Caption:: So you see, sah, if me could just get one more $20 million
advance we can actually put likkle tar pon de marl.

Full Name: Leslie Weir
Country: Australia
Caption:: I am telling you, we must wear these hats when we play cricket
against the Auatralians

Full Name: Andrew Crawford
Caption:: what's up with the pink shirt on the construction site.

Full Name: anderson
Country: usa
Caption:: Firstly we will use the heavy roller then the light one, then the
pitch will be ready

Full Name: Sadie
Country: MA. - USA
Caption:: 'im nuh understand ya'ah PJ. Only mi an' you know how di runnings
go - the longer wi tek, the more money wi get.

Full Name: Carliss Young
Country: Jamaica
Caption:: boss me dun hear whey yu sey, nuh ray ray nah gwaan pan dis road

Thank you for the 50 responses we received. Enter again and we hope you will be the outright winner next time.


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