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Caption Competition
This Week's Winners

The winners for Oct 4-11, 2002 are:

FullName: micale
Country: Jamaica
Caption: hold on no man ! listen to mi ...i have de solution to de problem

FullName: Bruce
Country: USA
Caption: If you're going to fight,
then put it on pay-per-view!

FullName: Everald Gillings
Country: USA
Caption: "We need to work together to prevent future violence in the

FullName: Scabbo
Country: USA
Caption: HOLD IT!!!!Lets get one thing straight pal, my colleague and I will not allow you to come in our village and take the ONE woman we've had for years, so FORGET IT buddy!!!

FullName: Andy
Country: England
Caption: Phillip...yu know is not us, we dont throw stones!

FullName: Kristen
Country: Jamaica
Caption: A wi run either yu wid mi or not

FullName: racquel
Country: jamaica
Caption: mi a waan yuh, tell yuh people dem fi back off..or else

FullName: sandor
Country: canada
Caption: ah warning yuh, don't set foot in my garrison again or else!!

FullName: eleanor
Country: USA
Caption: listen to mi, dat is pure lie !!!! wi nuh have nuh shugga arflowah ina nuh truck a han out!

FullName: Lorraine
Country: Massachusetts
Caption: BURKE: Look Phillip, dis haffe stop...
PHILLIP: Buoy, tek you 'ands offa me.
BARTLETT:(thinking) Me a step back yah 'fore me get 'urt, 'cause a fight ah go broke out ya now.

FullName: Neil
Country: USA
Caption: "No! Listen. Me a go tell yu fe de las' time, me nuh want see
yu 'bout yah again."

Thank you for the 218 responses we received. Enter again and we hope you will be the outright winner next time.


August 23 - 30, 2002
August 30 -Sept 6, 2002
Sept 6 -Sept 13, 2002
Sept 13 -Sept 20
Sept 20 -Sept 27
Sept 27 - Oct 4

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