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Caption Competition
About this picture

NORMAN GRINDLEY/Staff Photographer

This little girl cuddled in the arms of Senior Superintendent Hector "Bingie" White (right), was one of several children who caught the attention of Toronto's Police Chief, Julian Fantino, during a tour of McKoy Lands in South West St. Andrew yesterday. During his brief stop, Mr. Fantino gave the children several souvenir tie pins of the Toronto Police Department.

This Week's Winners

The winners for Feb 17 - Feb 24, 2003 are:

FullName: Sheryl
Country: Canada
Caption: Breking the barriers of cultural differences

FullName: Bee
Country: Jamaica
Caption: Despite the shiny pin being placed on her frock, the little girl
could not pull her attention away from the brightest object in her vision...

FullName: Bee
Country: Jamaica
Caption: Little girl: Ah wonda if 'im realize seh ah not wearing nuh tie?

FullName: michael
Country: cayman
Caption: "and if you ever come to canada when you get bigger and want to
join our police force you can mention my name"

FullName: Rude Bwoy
Country: USA
Caption: Little Girl: A who da Man Ya? Police or politician.

FullName: lee
Country: US (til later this year)
Caption: little girl: "Bingie is who dis bredda a try drape up. Him neva
hear bout mi ?"

FullName: Nigel
Country: Canada
Caption: Mek mi tag yuh nung jus in case yuh get bad an run come a

FullName: francene
Country: jamaica
Caption: Fantino: Isn't she precious.
Little Girl:A wonda if di pin caan get mi inna Canada?

FullName: Randy
Country: jamaica
Caption: Anybody eva si mi dyin trial, dis ole whiteman tink se mi caan
fix mi own clothes. 'Im should a glad se di police a hold mi or one lick mi
would a give 'im.

FullName: Mark Stennett
Country: Hartford, CT
Caption: Hold har, mi haffi tek di blood fi di DNA because mi nah tek nuh

FullName: marie
Country: canada
Caption: congratulations you have won the award for bravery

FullName: MizP
Country: USA
Caption: Tie Pin, cool, this must b the new style in Canada.

FullName: PVS
Country: USA
Caption: Little girl thinking: My new friends.

FullName: valentine moodie
Country: u.s.a.
Caption: well little girl,yu ca sa mi never give you noting.

Thank you for the 60 responses we received. Enter again and we hope you will be the outright winner next time.



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