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Caption Competition
This Week's Winners

The winners for Oct 11 - Oct 23, 2002 are:

FullName: JABUR
Country: Jamaica
Caption: Lets call this elections a

FullName: ricardo
Country: Jamaica
Caption: PJ while grining says: Eddie a going four straight win you again
yu si.
Eddie: nobody can get four straight.
PJ: you said a couldnt get three the last time. :)

FullName: ralling shakespeare
Country: jamaica
Caption: good bye eddie this your final beating!! or you want one more

FullName: Sharlene Anderson
Country: Jamaica
Caption: So, whey you think PJ, we fool dem or What?

FullName: Nats Campbell
Country: Jamaica
Caption: Do we really have to do this?

FullName: kadie-ann ross
Country: jamaica
Caption: So... you have flown the gate..`good race

FullName: Claude Gayle
Country: USA
Caption: "Memba now, di most important ting is fe mek sure we a di only
two inna de race!"

FullName: omar
Country: usa..fla
Caption: mek mi get it straight....loser leaves jamaica for

FullName: Lee
Country: US for now
Caption: If Mr. Seaga knew the future he wouldn't be shaking hands. Too
bad Ms. Cleo went out of business.

FullName: Joy
Country: canada
Caption: PJ: Ed'ie mi bway mi love yu fi real!
Eddie: ehehe, why?
PJ: den yu nuh see sey ah yu ah go mek me mek histr'y ah fouth time
around. Thank mi bredda. thank yu fi true. No fallaw wey dem ah sey. Stay
the course nuh resign at all.

FullName: Eric
Country: U.S.A. (bonafide Jamaican)
Caption: From Pappa Eddie--"yu ca stay de a laugh, a gwie beat yu street
and lane."

FullName: Alvin
Country: Jamaica
Caption: Congratulations my friend, yo beat me again

FullName: Devoted Dawta
Country: Tampa FL
Caption: (Eddie talking to PJ under his breath)
"PJ.... make me win this one tonight nuh...."

Thank you for the 153 responses we received. Enter again and we hope you will be the outright winner next time.


August 23 - 30, 2002
August 30 -Sept 6, 2002
Sept 6 -Sept 13, 2002
Sept 13 -Sept 20
Sept 20 -Sept 27
Sept 27 - Oct 4
Oct 4-11

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