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Caption Competition

About this picture


Margaret Miller (left), marketing manager of 'Our Voices', has the attention of hosts former Miss World Lisa Hanna-Panton (right), former Dancehall Queen Carlene Smith (second right) and former Miss Jamaica Johanna Ulett, General Manager of Spartan Health Club.


This Week's Winners

The winners for April 7-14, 2003 are:

FullName: Sophia Walters
Country: United Kingdom
Caption: 'Dance Hall Queen, Beauty Queen and Body Buidling Queen, too much
queen inna dis a pen, One queen rule, an a me Carlene'

FullName: Mona
Country: USA
Caption: Hmm, i am the only on with fake hair, but non a den breast na big
like fi mi.

FullName: Alton Ellis
Country: USA
Caption: Well, what can I say? Carlene has it over us girl. Let's act as
if we don't see her..

FullName: Andy
Country: England
Caption: Lisa:Okay, its 2 against 2, and I have the tape measure. YU

FullName: NIckola
Country: USA
Caption: Carlene (thinking).... "I must be a dumb blond or something,
because me caan undastan whey de heck dem a chat bout"

FullName: Colleen
Country: usa
Caption: What a plesant surprise. Where have you ladies been? Relaxing and
eating all the good food, because it shows on you both.

Thank you for the 50 responses we received. Enter again and we hope you will be the outright winner next time.


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