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CBFF answers call to aid The Bahamas

Breakthrough Communications | 2019-10-14 13:44:00

The Category 5 storm came ashore the Abaco Islands and Grand Bahama with winds of up to 185 mph, causing catastrophic damage, loss of life and leaving at least 70,000 homeless — making it one of The Bahamas’ most destructive hurricanes in history.

With a contact centre and over 150 employees in Freeport, Bahamas, itelbpo has on-the-ground understanding of the devastation in the region. The Jamaican-owned business process outsourcer quickly mobilised its own task force and called on Jamaica’s public and private sectors to help Bahamian communities rebuild in the aftermath of the devastating hurricane.  itelbpo’s 4Ys Foundation’s GoFundMe campaign aims to raise US$100,000 in contributions. To date, itelbpo has raised over US$60,000, committing US$25,000 of its own funds.

One week after Dorian, US$30,000 had already been deployed by itelbpo’s 4Ys Foundation in the form of disaster relief items, including medical devices, equipment, childcare and household items, and more.


The C.B. Facey Foundation’s Support

With a commitment to supporting local initiatives grounded in education, the arts and the environment, the C.B. Facey Foundation saw the urgent need to support itelbpo’s 4Ys Foundation’s relief efforts.

“We have watched in anguish as the people in The Bahamas have had to struggle to recoup, recover and eventually rebuild their lives. We were compelled to answer itelbpo’s 4Ys Foundation’s call,” said Anna Ward, executive director of the C.B. Facey Foundation.

“It is really heartening to be a part of helping to rebuild, and to support families at this time,” said Ward. “We all see the effects and devastation that can happen with natural disasters including hurricanes.”

Hurricane Destruction and Climate Change

In-keeping with its mandate of environmental conservation, the C.B. Facey Foundation and Jamaica Conservation Partners, a project of the Foundation, deem it necessary to draw attention to the devastating effects of climate change on the environment and the Caribbean populace.

Hurricanes and tropical storms are naturally generated from the heat of the ocean. With oceans getting hotter from increased greenhouse gas emissions due to climate change, the destruction capacity of hurricanes also increases.

Research published in Nature Journal also suggests that climate change is weakening the atmospheric currents that help move hurricanes along.  Storms are now moving slower and prolonging their time in affected areas, increasing the potential for excessive flooding, loss of life and economic devastation.

itelbpo’s 4Ys Foundation continues to call on the public, community organisations and local businesses for financial and material assistance in its relief efforts.  Donations in cash or kind will help responders meet survivors’ immediate need for food, fuel, clean water, hygiene products and shelter.  To support itelbpo’s 4Ys Foundation’s GoFundMe campaign, please visit

About the C.B. Facey Foundation

The C.B. Facey Foundation has overseen corporate social responsibility of PanJam Investment Limited for over 30 years. Its mission is to improve access and quality within the education sector and to ensure the preservation of our environmental and cultural treasures.

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