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The DUKE OF EDINBURGH’S AWARD JAMAICA elect new national exeective council chairman

Duke of Edinburgh’s Award Jamaica | 2012-05-08 09:17:00


The National Executive Council members for the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award Jamaica went to their office this afternoon to have a meeting and to elect a new Chairman only to find the locks to their office changed. The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award national office is located at the Girl Guides headquarters in Kingston.

The National Director for the award programme, Vernon Derby says that he received an email from the executive of the Girl Guides Association who was also an executive member of the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award Association, advising him to return the keys to the Girl Guides Association because the lease for the rental of the office by the Award Association was terminated.

Mr. Derby said that he then contacted a top officer of the Girl Guides Association and informed her of the pending Duke of Edinburgh’s Award meeting and also that the outstanding rent would be paid on the day of the meeting.

The National Executive Council had to conduct its meeting in the open on the Girl Guides compound and retired Captain Clifton Lumsden was elected as the new Chair for the National Executive Council.

The Award Programme has grown significantly over the past five years and has been established in approximately 70 institutions in Jamaica. These institutions include schools, churches and penal institutions. A few years ago a memorandum of agreement was signed with the Award

Programme and the Ministry of Education to have the programme operating in all educational institutions.

The programme has played a significant role in the lives of many young people in Jamaica. These young participants in the programme have been giving service to a number of institutions across the island, going on expeditions, learning a skill and participating in recreational activities.

These activities are aimed at developing their character, building their self esteem and generally preparing them for life. The leaders and participants have also travelled to various countries such as Trinidad, the Bahamas and Canada to participate in expeditions. The leaders and the participants are now very concerned that the programme that they have come to enjoy could come to an end.

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