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Caption Competition

What do you think the caption for this picture should read?

Norman Grindley /Chief Photographer Police passing out parade.

This Week's Winners

May 19, 2008 -
June 30, 2008

The Outright Winner!!


Full Name: Eve
Country: usa
Caption: Sorry! a slip mi baton slip but it na bleed.


More Winners

Full Name: dread4u
Country: USA
Caption: Wen dem sey pass out parade, no mean sey yu fi passout

Full Name: renardo
Country: usa
Caption: Lord gad Mertle. A weh mi guh get mi self inna. Bout mi tun police.

Full Name: Fuzzyrella One
Country: Jamaica
Caption: Mi did tell yuh fi use di bathroom before parade. Look how yuh a sweat, likeyuh soon bingo.

Full Name: Trudy
Country: Jamaica
Caption: Me tell yu fi drink tea a mawning time and yu na hear!

Full Name: Deidre
Country: Jamaica
Caption: Sharon nuh tell me say a pregnant u pregnant?

Full Name: Marlon Perry
Country: Jamaica
Caption: Mi tell yuh seh fi stop use di $10 bag a gel inna yuh head, look how di whole a it a sweat out

Full Name: Messygirl
Country: Jamaica
Caption: nuh worry yuself Patsy, me know how yu feel, me get bun too all di time.

Full Name: Ainsley Dacres
Country: Jamaica
Caption: No star, dem coulden plan dis when it coola like Decemba so..

Full Name: audrey
Country: canada
Caption: nevah mine, me know yuh a ball cause yuh caa give him a rawtid lick, memba seh yuh no sleep inna de uniform!

Full Name: pamela roberts
Country: usa
Caption: Officer consoled by partner after near heat stroke after patrol..record heat taking its toll!

Full Name: Joseph
Country: Jamaica
Caption: Neva mine, elli, him neva seh yuh a criminal, jus some police.

Full Name: kayann
Country: jamaica
Caption: officer: lawd missis nuh badda mek him si yuh a cry him deh right behind yuh. a nuh di only man bout ya

Full Name: Kawayne Alexander
Country: Jamaica
Caption: If them think a mi and them a stan up out yah inna the sun today dem mek a sad mistake,a food mi a defend!!

Full Name: Cleveland Gordon
Country: usa
Caption: mi mada tell mi no feh tun police

Full Name: Michelle D
Country: USA
Caption: My girl, mi tell u it too late now fi change u mind..the cold sweat soon stop.

Full Name: Anna-Kay Williamson
Country: Jamaica
Caption: officer trying to hide her emotion while her co-worker consoles her

Caption: Don't look down , but your fly is open!

Full Name: Sham B
Country: USA
Caption: All now yuh nuh cut yuh hair?

Thank you for the 75 responses we received. Enter again and we hope you will be the outright winner next time.

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