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Caption Competition

What do you think the caption for this picture should read?

Rudolph Brown/Chief Photographer
Lorna Golding (left), wife of Prime Minister Bruce Golding and Leader of the Opposition Portia Simpson Miller with eyes closed in prayer at the National Leadership Prayer breakfast, at the Jamaica Pegasus hotel on Thursday, January 15. -2009

This Week's Winners

May 19, 2008 -
June 30, 2008

The Outright Winner!!


Full Name: Duen
Country: USA
Caption: If she think i am going to close both eyes... she mek a sad mistake... watch and pray... watch and pray


More Winners

Full Name: Junior Wright
Country: USA
Caption: Mothers that prays togeather, stays togeather

Full Name: Lena Davis
Country: Jamaica
Caption: "Its Prayer Time"

Full Name: Marlon
Country: jamaica
Caption: Father we pray that the Government will remove the Tax from Books and Computers and we pray that the Government will be able to do better with regards to the wage freeze in the Public Sector. Amen Thank you Jesus.

Full Name: Yvonne
Country: U.S.A.

Full Name: Georgie
Country: USA
Caption: Laard gi mi faith, Gi mi faith laard. U si da whoman yah com sitdown beside mi and a showoff har pretty cloths.

Full Name: Owen
Country: canada
Caption: I am trying to get in your thoughts Lorna,I want to anticipate Bruce\'s decisions to be ahead of things.

Full Name: Glen Birch
Country: USA
Caption: Pray is good, we most pray for Jamaica and how leaders.

Full Name: Davienne R. Spence
Country: Jamaica
Caption: On the same team with prayer

Full Name: Ian Calvin
Country: Jamaica
Caption: she inna mi colours a wonder if bruce know she a comrade.

Full Name: Ian Calvin
Country: Jamaica
Caption: she inna mi colours a wonder if bruce know she a comrade.

Full Name: Dave Jackson
Country: Jamaica
Caption: Lorna: What are we going to do tonight Portia?
Portia: Same thing we do every night, Lorna. Try to get back into power.

Full Name: JAV
Country: USA
Caption: Lord, please let this be over quickly. Amen

Full Name: Nicholas
Country: Jamaica
Caption: "Lorna if we both close our eyes, maybe the hat will disappear!"

Full Name: Paul Chamberlain
Country: Jamaica
Caption: Father I pray that the filth fertilizer they brought in have nothing to do with this breakfast amen.

Full Name: Clive Brooks
Country: England
Caption: Portia thinking: Anyhow di two fry dumplin dem nuh deh pon mi plate when mi open mi eye, watch mi an Lorna.

Full Name: Mo
Country: USA
Caption: Dear Lord,If this ooman dnt let me go..mi gwen dash it pan har WIDOUT WARNING!!!!!! Amen

Thank you for the 286 responses we received. Enter again and we hope you will be the outright winner next time.

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