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Caption Competition

What do you think the caption for this picture should read?


Original Caption:

Just before receiving an award for her outstanding contribution to Red Stripe Reggae Sumfest, The Gleaner's Janet Silvera (left), shares a joke with Scott and Tricia Robbins, at an awards reception, held at the Pier One Restaurant in Montego Bay Monday last Tuesday. Sumfest awarded 55 persons and organisations for their outstanding contribution to the festival over the past 15 years.

This Week's Winners

The winners for June 09, 2007 -
July 24, 2007

The Outright Winner!!___________

Full Name: Michael Dennis
Country: British Virgin islands
Caption: Man speaking to himself \"Boy, I am glad and did not have any Red Stripe\"

More Winners

Full Name: Shanna Vega
Country: USA
Caption: I have no idea what this award show is about. I heard something about Red Stripe and threw back a few just before coming!

Full Name: george
Country: cayman island
Caption: man thinking: my Gosh!, did these ladies have too much to drink or somthing? What so funny?

Full Name: Ingrid McC
Country: Atlanta, GA
Caption: Janet to Tricia: Koo pon him face! Mek we chat propah,fa him nuh undastand wi!!

Full Name: mike williams
Country: long island, ny
Caption: a wah a gwan yahso, how come mi nuh get de joke!

Full Name: Carol
Country: Costa Rica (Montegonian)
Caption: I told them if I\'m chosen they shouldn\'t award me, as I am only doing my job....they almost believe me! hahahahahaha

Full Name: Sheryn Hylton - Parker
Country: Germany
Caption: OK! Fine! I\'ll laugh too, even though I haven\'t a clue what the two of you find so funny!

Full Name: Sean
Country: USA
Caption: Scott convinced me not to wear my white dress. I know you would tear me up if I tried to upstage you!

Full Name: Jim Nathan
Country: USA (Via Vere)
Caption: Ladies share a big laugh: \"This man say he alone will fix-up de roads\"

Full Name: don
Country: Jamaica
Caption: \'Scott umm\' Which one a you ladies gonna teach mi the belly dance.. laugh

Thank you for the 43 responses we received. Enter again and we hope you will be the outright winner next time.

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